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Massage is taken for pleasing, soothing and relaxing the body, and sandwich massage is surely one the best kinds of massages available in any spa. As the name suggests, two girls concentrate on massaging the body of a single man. Since there will be two therapists or masseuses, it is also called a Four Hand Massage. The man becomes a sandwich in between both the girls.

Sandwich massage isn’t just a tool of physical pleasure, rather with this massage, the blood circulation in your body will be normal, the level of body temperature will be maintained, and body pain also gets minimized. When two therapists and their four hands hit your body, your mind reacts differently. Initially, you might find yourself trying to keep track of girls, where each one is and what the girl is doing, and you might struggle to figure out their activities in mind. But sooner your brain tells you it’s not sure who is doing what and your mind gives up control.

Sandwich massage in Bangalore is a powerful treat for everyone who has a hard time with their body and just wants complete relaxation at any cost. At Sunrise Beauty Spa, you will find an ultimate exotic massage service at a nominal cost.

Bangalore is a beautiful city, where people from different states and countries come for their job purpose or to explore the city. These people eventually look for authentic massage parlours that not only give the best massage but also are certified. Finding a legitimate Sandwich massage service in Bangalore can be difficult except for Sunrise Beauty Spa. Our sandwich massage also provides the following benefits-

It soothes, lengthens, and reorganizes muscles by applying a combination of pressure work, superficial massaging, and tissue techniques.

It attracts both brain hemispheres by stimulating the emotional and logical sides of your brain.

Apart from the above benefits, the massage also offers other benefits that ensure your body, and mind remains settled for a long time.  As such, we at Sunrise Beauty Spa arrange professional spas in Bangalore.

If you seek a Sandwich massage service in Bangalore, you are heartily welcome at Sunrise Beauty Spa. It will always be our pleasure to serve you the best massage service that your pocket allows. We never share the identity of our customers with anyone, unless there are some special cases. We abide by the jurisdiction and have full faith in our law and administration.