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Body massage is a natural way of healing various illnesses (muscle and joint pain, back pain, etc ). Moreover, it works amazingly in relieving stress and anxiety. Female to male body massage is an ancient method of body detoxification. Also, it is a great rejuvenating action.

Method of female to male body massage :

In order to get rid of their physical pain (joint pain, muscle soreness), stress and depression people come to get a female to male body massage.

  • The massage starts with the feet and follows the upper body.
  • The female to male body massage includes the press and release method along with kneading and stretching.
  • We use body warm oil or lotion while massaging the full body as it makes the process smoother while pulling or pinching.
  • The therapist covers every part of the body (hands, arms, shoulder, back, legs and feet) including the head while massaging.
  • In female to male body spa, we use special luxurious rooms for clients and by lighting candles, we create a suitable environment.
  • We take care of the needs and demands of our clients.
  • All the therapists are professional and well experienced.
  • Female to male body massage gives you sensual pleasure as well.

Benefits of female to male body massage :

  • Great way to relieve stress naturally.
  • Detoxifies your body.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Increases oxygen supply in blood vessels.
  • Builds muscle strength and reduces soreness.
  • Make your body flexible and pliable by killing stiffness.
  • Cures joint pain.
  • Prevents weight gain and indulge fat loss.
  • Slowdowns ageing.
  • Gives you glowing and radiant skin by removing dead skin cells.
  • Removes wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes from your face as well as body.
  • Helps to reduce the difficulties of body fatigue.
  • Enhances your immune system.
  • Improves sleeping disorders like insomnia and sleep apnoea.
  • Satisfy you with sensual pleasure.

Things to remember :

  • Drink lots of water to hydrate yourself before the spa session.
  • Take a warm bath before and after the spa session.
  • Take comparatively light meals before and after.
  • Share your discomfort without hesitations.
  • Free your mind from diverse thoughts.
  • Give us the information about your medical history.

Not recommended for people with certain medical conditions such as cancer, recent surgeries and fractures.

For the sake of the pleasure Female to male body Spa is getting more popular nowadays.

As we are now in Bangalore don’t be sceptical about giving it a try.