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Aroma Thai Oil massage is a popular massage that is a version of Traditional Thai massage that involves the use of solid pressure and deep rhythmic movements along meridian or energy lines. The massage helps stretch the muscles and stimulate the natural flow of ‘sen sib’ or ten energy lines without causing any pain or discomfort while offering a feeling of deep relaxation. The massage done at Aroma spa Bangalore also aims to balances, unblocks, and restores the body’s natural flow of Prana/Qi/Chi/Energy and helps maintain equilibrium in all organs and systems inside the body thus preventing disease and poor health, enabling the body to become a natural healer and work efficaciously.

If you are looking for an Aroma Body Massage in Bangalore, there is no one like Sunrise Beauty Spa. We are the leading massage service provider in the city. Aroma Thai massage is one of our special massage services as it completely relies on the Traditional Thai massage system. Apart from relaxation, massage is a kind of therapy as well. It would help enhance your wellness.

Bangalore attracts people for its different types of massage services, from locals to tourists, all of them visit to access the magical spa services at Sunrise Beauty Spa. Since the pandemic, the city has been a victim of COVID-19, but even though we have tried our best to maintain all protocols to offer the safest and cleanest massage service at our Aroma Thai Spa Bangalore.

Why should you choose Aroma Spa Bangalore?

When you have multiple options for Aroma spa services in Bangalore, then why should you choose Aroma Spa Bangalore. We provide you with a few reasons for this-

We remain concerned about the quality of hospitality– Hospitality is all about caring for your customers and those who miss it can’t promise a safe and hygienic massage service. Experts at Aroma Spa Bangalore ensure that the safety of customers should be taken care of from the moment s/he enters the spa to the moment s/he leaves.

Completely Sanitized Environment– Our spa rooms, reception, changing rooms, and washrooms, all are regularly cleaned and sanitized. Since it is a protocol nowadays, we have been doing it for ages.  In our Aroma Thai Spa Bangalore centre, you will find sanitisers around every corner.

Our services are nominal– When it comes to the pricing of our services; we take nominal charges as we don’t want to put any burden on the customer’s pocket.